Help, what Rebirth Upgrades do I go for?

Focus on upgrades in this order:

  1. Better RP
  2. "Buff" upgrades
  3. Static RP
  4. Dynamic/Static y
  5. Dynamic/Static x+z
  6. Cheaper Upgrades

I've unlocked the next set of rebirth upgrades, what should I do?

This part is actually a little strange. You can go through the first part of the tree like normal, but when you reach "More Upgrades", Don't buy it until you can afford the upgrade after it!
Most other progression can be made via messing around. Note; it's not always optimal to have as many levels of Exponential y as you can afford.

Ughh, this feels like a timewall!

Timewalls are almost nonexistent in Tree Game. Either

  1. You're at endgame for now. Good job! Please be patient while I add more content.
  2. There's a better strategy. Try respeccing your Rebirth Tree.
  3. The game is just a little slow there- you'll probably be able to progress in a few minutes.